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But We Have Forgotten—9/11/01

Note: “But We Have Forgotten—9/11/01”  was first published on on 9/13/2018.

Today we observe the 19th anniversary of the attack on NYC by Islamic terrorists. Most of us do not spend every day thinking about it, but when the anniversary comes around, many of us remember that day very well. There are other times some of us think about it—when everyone else seems to have forgotten. Continue reading “But We Have Forgotten—9/11/01”

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The History Of American Thanksgiving

This post was originally published on November 20th 2018 and updated on November 25th 2019.

The history of American Thanksgiving is a rich one, and is very illustrative of our nation’s Christian roots. As early as the 16thcentury, there were days of thanksgiving held by Spaniards and French people on our soils. Continue reading “The History Of American Thanksgiving”

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Turning The Tables—Draining The Swamp

For over two years of the Trump presidency we forgot about draining the swamp. Most of what we heard was a tidal wave of hatred and accusation against Trump from his opposition—including the media. There was also the ongoing investigation into whether or not Donald Trump colluded with Russia to interfere with the election. This investigation seemed positioned to give a back-bone to every bit of hatred his opposition could throw at him. It seemed it was designed to legitimize the idea of Trump being corrupt and not trustworthy. If they could cast that image on him from the beginning, then perhaps other accusations would stick too. Continue reading “Turning The Tables—Draining The Swamp”

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A Culture Of Death And Darkness

Many in our nation are weeping, mourning or lamenting in the wake of another political attempt to solidify our standing as a culture of death. I am one of them. It saddens me but I am not surprised. With the track record New York state has because of its heavy influence by New York City, it should not come as a surprise to anyone that they have legalized late term abortion. Continue reading “A Culture Of Death And Darkness”

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Alfie Evans: The Story And Tragedy—What We Can Learn

Alfie Evans was born in Liverpool in May 2016. He was healthy when he was born, but according to his parents, he was a bit agitated. Nothing too unusual. Later though he showed signs of impairment. He could not lift his head very easily, his limbs jerked occasionally, and his eyes rolled back at times. Continue reading “Alfie Evans: The Story And Tragedy—What We Can Learn”

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Republicrats—Who Runs Washington?

It could be confusing to the uninitiated person, perhaps returning from a long voyage to outer space, as to who runs Washington. When Obama was president, it was easy for Republicans to pretend pain over concessions. But they always claimed they were necessary since Obama would veto, if he didn’t get what he wanted. There were some things they sent to his desk, knowing he would veto them. Now we know those were just a show too. Continue reading “Republicrats—Who Runs Washington?”