A Culture Of Death And Darkness

Culture Of Death

Many in our nation are weeping, mourning or lamenting in the wake of another political attempt to solidify our standing as a culture of death. I am one of them. It saddens me but I am not surprised. With the track record New York state has because of its heavy influence by New York City, it should not come as a surprise to anyone that they have legalized late term abortion.

However, it cannot fail to be a punch in the gut for anyone who has any moral standard at all. But the liberals who control the political environment in that state would certainly claim to have a moral standard. One which turns traditional morals on its head and makes a sacrament of murder. They even had a light display on top of the world trade center in celebration of the law. 

To them it was a beacon of victory, enlightenment and women’s health. To many others who have not been swept up in the powerful delusion, it was a proclamation from America’s highest summit that we as a nation are committed to abomination: the butchering of the innocent in a place that should be safest of all.

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo said, “I am directing that New York’s landmarks be lit in pink to celebrate this achievement and shine a bright light forward for the rest of the nation to follow.” 

To those who are pro-choice I would pose this question: was there no choice given before indulging in the activity which created the life you are in favor of brutally ending if a mother so desires? Since when have we become so irresponsible as to think we have no obligation to reap what we sow? Are we living in an alternate universe where choices no longer mean anything at all?

Our nation has become so obsessed with the necessity of sexual promiscuity that it is not even considered as a choice anymore but a matter of course. Perhaps it is a matter of course if we choose to be enslaved by it. God forgive us.

To me this is a stark reminder of the very roots of good and evil. In God there is love, life and abundance. From the enemy we see only hatred, death and destruction. Is it any wonder that a culture that indulges in the fruits of darkness for long enough will eventually be consumed by all three of those? 

Lately in the political realm it seems we are making some progress. But as we advance, the enemy is pushing ever harder through the open doors he still has. Our vigilance must by no means diminish. Our dedication to life and Godliness must be displayed without shame in a time when it is hated most. 

Let’s be defenders of life and righteousness in a culture that seems obsessed with sin and death. But we must do so with the armor God has given us. 

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