Turning The Tables—Draining The Swamp


For over two years of the Trump presidency we forgot about draining the swamp. Most of what we heard was a tidal wave of hatred and accusation against Trump from his opposition—including the media. There was also the ongoing investigation into whether or not Donald Trump colluded with Russia to interfere with the election. This investigation seemed positioned to give a back-bone to every bit of hatred his opposition could throw at him. It seemed it was designed to legitimize the idea of Trump being corrupt and not trustworthy. If they could cast that image on him from the beginning, then perhaps other accusations would stick too.

Well, the report is in as we all know and there was no collusion. Trump has capitalized on this by making a major pivot from defense to offense. For the past two years he bent over backward in cooperation with Bob Mueller’s team. It’s been called unprecedented cooperation. He never used executive privilege though he could have many times. 

This has changed. The Democrats have since sought to open many new investigations, but Trump has blocked them with various executive actions. Not only that, he has an attorney general who is seriously talking about investigating the roots of the investigation which has always stood on shaky legal ground. Along with senior level personnel from various agencies and offices, he is also talking about the media’s complicity in potential corruption—this is huge!  

So for over two years of Trump’s presidency, he and his supporters have been in survival mode. We had practically forgotten the commitment to draining the swamp—we just wanted a clear path forward. Perhaps this was by design by those dwelling in the swamp. As Trump entered the executive office with the declaration of draining the swamp, it is only natural that the swamp dwellers would seek to raise the waters as Trump went about pulling plugs.

But now, as Trump pivots and puts the Democrats on the defensive, we remember his commitment to draining the swamp. And for the first time it looks like it may be possible. These swamp dwellers are terrified of exposure. As the senate was grilling William Barr, it was clear they were frightened. They are the definition of swamp creatures who will go for deeper, filthier waters as the waters they are in begin to clear and lower. 

There are some conservatives who are calling for additional time to be added to Trump’s presidency because of the time he was cheated of by the phony investigation. I disagree. It was not time wasted at all. I think the primary purpose of Donald Trump in the Whitehouse is to tear down corruption and crush the liberal movement in America. This war he is in with the Democrats is all part of that. He is being used by God to disrupt a corrupt system.

If he never achieves much by way of signing monumental legislation, I really don’t care that much. As long as he achieves his commitment in draining the swamp and paving the way for another leader to do legislative work, I think he will have done his job.

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