But We Have Forgotten—9/11/01


Note: “But We Have Forgotten—9/11/01”  was first published on http://www.roytroyer.com on 9/13/2018.

Today we observe the 19th anniversary of the attack on NYC by Islamic terrorists. Most of us do not spend every day thinking about it, but when the anniversary comes around, many of us remember that day very well. There are other times some of us think about it—when everyone else seems to have forgotten.


Times when we are called racists or xenophobes for wanting to keep our promise to those lost. And when we follow common sense in maintaining vigilance against the Islamic extremists who routinely teach that Americans are infidels and must be killed.

In this way, many have forgotten. Many have no problem with Muslims pouring through our borders, not bothering to assimilate to American culture. This to the degree that Sharia law is discussed with seriousness in some areas, and schools actively promote Islam. This is nothing more than political correctness amplified. But it is only a small point in this post.

The greater point I want to make is that we have forgotten in another even more important way. I think we need to remember and maintain vigilance as described above against our external enemies. But I think our external enemies are possibly only the result of our internal cowardice and moral decay.

                               Internal Corruption

I am of the belief that what happened on that day, was a warning shot—fired from God’s cannon. A breach in the hedge of protection He has given us faithfully throughout history. I believe we have had that hedge because of our roots—which is a founding as a Christian nation, established on Biblical principles and on a covenant with God.

Operating under this premise, look at how our nation responded to the attack. There was a false start of people going back to faith, and a special unity amongst Americans. I can’t say exactly how long this contrite spirit lasted, but it is quite evident it has long since disappeared.

                              Iniquity Multiplied

In fact, it seems our society has doubled down on past sins and expanded into new territories of debauchery. When Obama was running for his 2ndterm as president, he ran against gay marriage, because it was still unpopular amongst Americans. Before he left office, he had succeeded in making a bigot of everyone who opposed gay marriage, and he engaged in an all out assault on any public figures who stood against gay marriage.

Now those who support homosexuality and gay marriage are in a pretty comfortable majority in the United States. Gender dysphoria (transgenderism) is not treated as a mental illness anymore, but those who suffer from it are heroes. They are portrayed as martyrs when anyone speaks against celebrating the condition. Support of fornication, even among Christians has sky-rocketed.

                           Finding Our Way Back

In short, we find ourselves in a serious moral crisis in America—even more so than 19 years ago. Most in our society have forgotten in every way possible. But we who have not, must never do so. We must continue to stand in the gap, praying for our nation as God leads, while also remaining vigilant against our nation’s enemies.

In doing so, perhaps we will see a day when we as Americans collectively turn to God once more, and the winds of revival begin to blow.

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