This is a blog-site and an author web-site. I have completed a novel in the Fantasy genre, from a Christian world-view, and I am well underway on its sequel. After publication you will be able to see them on this site, and find out more about them. For now, you can go to the Books section to get a glimpse of my projects.


My Blog: This is a place where ideas, and news are discussed from a Christian perspective. You will find my content will mostly be in three categories: Inspirational, Politics, and Writing.

  • Inspirational: I am 30 years old, and have been a Christian for 11 years. I have had many deep struggles and resounding victories throughout my life. In this category, I help those who are struggling, to gain insight into God’s design for our lives and the problems that are common to mankind. With these insights and understandings, I hope to share a path to freedom for my readers.
  • Politics: I have followed politics more or less since adolescence. I believe we need more Christian involvement in this arena. My aim is to cut through the corruption that abounds in the mainstream media, and give my readers clarity, and an inspiration to be more engaged.
  • Writing: I have loved writing since I was quite young. I have written a book  I am working on publishing, as mentioned above, I write this blog, and do some writing-for-hire as well. I would like to help other writers with what wisdom I have gleaned along the way, and perhaps do some interviews with other writers who can do the same.

I post once a week. You are welcome to make yourself comfortable, and join the dialogue. To make this easier, I have created a subscribe option above on the right, so you don’t have to miss anything! Another advantage to subscribing, is that you get the audio-files of my posts, weekly by email with each post.


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