This is the site where my writing is featured and promoted. I do several types of writing, but for now, I am only featuring my blog here. If you wish to write a guest post, or have me write a guest post for your blog, fill out the form in the contact page.

My Blog: This is a place where ideas, and news are discussed from a Christian perspective. You will find my content will mostly be in four categories: Inspirational, Church History, Israel, and Politics.

  • Inspirational: I am 31 years old, and have been a Christian for 12 years. I have had many deep struggles and resounding victories throughout my life. In this category, I help those who are struggling, to gain insight into God’s design for our lives and the problems that are common to mankind. With these insights and understandings, I hope to share a path to freedom for my readers.
  • Church History: There were many people God raised up as spiritual leaders throughout history. There were times of revival that ought to be remembered. In this category I will write about the movements, the people and the God behind it all, in order to inspire today’s church.
  • Israel: In these last days, God’s eyes are on His nation Israel, as the time of the Gentiles is almost fulfilled. I want to be aligned with His focus, so I have created this category for the purpose of aligning others with God’s purpose in Israel as well.
  • Politics: I have followed politics more or less since adolescence. I believe we need more Christian involvement in this arena. My aim is to cut through the corruption that abounds in the mainstream media, and give my readers clarity, and an inspiration to be more engaged.

I post once a week. You are welcome to make yourself comfortable, and join the dialogue. To make this easier, I have created a subscribe option above on the right, so you don’t have to miss anything! Another advantage to subscribing, is that you get the audio-files of my posts, weekly by email with each post.


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