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Words & Wonders

“What do youknow about? Words & Wonders?” My brother asked me when I told him I had no interest in a particular conversation going on around me, for my lack of knowledge on the topic. This got us going about my blog, and I started digging for the meaning of my tagline. I finally decided it was a good time to identify what it means and share it with my audience. Continue reading “Words & Wonders”

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Writing From A Christian World-View

Like most things in our culture that once seemed pretty innocent, reading for the serious believer is now something that is done with care and caution. The entertainment industry and media are filled with evil—and books, magazines, blogs, and news-papers are not exempt. There was a time when many main-stream writers were producing content that was more wholesome than some things Christians are writing today. As a result of our nation’s shift in world-view, wholesome literature has become marginalized, and is now a niche market. Continue reading “Writing From A Christian World-View”