Christmas Reflections (A Poem)


It’s Christmas 2020

Looking back over the year,

Some things were funny, 

Many things brought us fear.

Would the virus destroy us?

Would we go to the Pen,

For not wearing a mask?

Bad will between men.

Friction did prosper

It could nigh well be smelt,

With the rubbing of men’s souls,

Until rage in them dwelt. 

Should we fight or hold peace?

Asked the pauper and the noble,

For every heart was tested,

All acquainted with trouble. 

As the year closes down,

The pot does yet simmer.

The night of winter arrives,

The day grows yet dimmer.

So what shall we say,

To all of these things?

As we read of good tidings to men,

Peace, the Gospel brings.

This Gospel is lacking,

From sea to shining sea.

Hence the turbulent waters,

And why we’re not free.

 For freedom is a gift,

That has come from our Maker.

And if Him we neglect,

We get the undertaker.

For death creeps in,

Where our God is absent.

He is life overflowing,

Waiting on consent. 

So withhold not your love,

On this Christmas day.

From God, your maker,

Who once lay in the hay.

He had humble beginnings,

On this earth He created.

His legitimacy to some,

May still be debated.

But some time soon,

We will all see Him come.

No doubt will remain,

As insisted by some.

Let’s prepare our hearts,

Even as we remember.

And fan into flame,

That one little ember. 

The ember is Christmas,

Observing the birth, 

Of the savior,

Whose reign will soon cover the earth.  

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