If Jesus Would Have Wanted To

If Jesus

Have you ever paused and considered how many different ways Jesus could have changed the world? As the author of life and the creator of the universe, He had all the knowledge and ability needed to do anything. Jesus could have invented things that weren’t even a thought among men, until about two thousand years after He died. He could have made exhaustive lists of the best remedies for all diseases—existing and upcoming. He could have written books on any number of subjects. No doubt they would have been the last word on every subject He touched. 

Jesus Didn’t Do Many Things He Could Have

Of course we know He didn’t do any of that. Not one invention. Not one natural or medical cure. He didn’t even write any poems or books. But His life was a book in itself. One that all the pages in the world could never contain. 

What can we learn from this? In what ways can we follow this example left by the Messiah, creator and savior of the world? There are a few things that come to mind:

First of all, we all have a calling on our lives. It may not be as monumental as the one Jesus had, but it is a calling from heaven none the less. This calling is sacred since it comes from God, and we should give it our utmost attention. No doubt there are abilities we have that fall outside the realm of that calling. Are we going to indulge those abilities? Are we going to allow things that could be, to distract us from the things that ought to be? 

And why are we even tempted to be distracted by things outside of our calling? Most likely because exercising natural abilities reflects well on us. No doubt Jesus could also have done many things that would have won favor for Him with the masses. But His life was a living sacrifice, offered for the glory of the Father. He was not here for His own glory.

We Are Here For His Glory

Our life should be no different in this regard. We ought to make every effort to find that which we have been called to, and do it by His power and for His glory, shunning all the glittering distractions along the way. Though there are many things we could do that have the appearance of being helpful to the world, they are still no better than a complete waste of time, if not anointed by God for the furtherance of His Kingdom. 

How many peripheral things such as the ones mentioned in the opening paragraph came to fruition in the centuries following? There have been many Christians called into the field of science and medicine and inspired by God to engineer incredible cures. Many inventions likewise. And of course there are more Christian books in the world than anybody could ever count. And all of this is an extension of the work of Jesus while He was on earth, as is every ministry or calling we can have. 

Perhaps if Jesus would have done things other than minister as He did and ultimately offer Himself on the cross for our sins, none of what He would have done would have had any permanence since people didn’t have the depth of character to maintain such accommodations. But many good things came from a life that looked ugly and inglorious to many at first. The god of this world was judged and defeated first, then after Jesus was seated at the right hand of the Father, His body, which consists of His church, carried on His work on earth and is still doing so today. 

Let’s Not Break The Pattern

If we break this pattern of sacrificial service, we break down a small part of the advancement of God’s Kingdom. If we focus on feel good service to this world, we will be promoting corruption instead of eternal glory and the ultimate good of us all. But if each of us focuses on his or her own calling, we will sacrifice much in the immediate, but reap much both in the eternal and in this life. It is all part of seeking first the Kingdom of God and allowing the rest to be added to us.

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