Where Is The Fear Of The Lord?

The Fear Of The Lord

Where is the fear of the Lord? If we gaze across the global landscape, it is an obviously missing ingredient in the vast majority of influential societies. It is probably beyond coincidence that our world is in chaos right now. I think the two are very much connected. In times past, there have been great evils done and endorsed by large segments of the populace. However, it seems it was mostly because of blindness and deception. Or prejudices and biases.

Somehow, even through the great evils of history, there was still a fear of the Lord present among the majority of people in influential societies. I believe that sets apart past eras from the one we are in, more than about anything else spiritually. 

The Fear Of The Lord Was In Felix

When Paul was before Felix for example, he reasoned about righteousness, and self-control and the coming judgement. Felix was not a Christian, and was not surrendered to God or in right standing with God. But he listened to Paul and was alarmed at his message. There was an instinctive fear of the Lord at work in his heart. 

Imagine what the reaction would be if one of us tried the same with almost any top ranking politician globally today. With only a few exceptions, we would be laughed and scoffed out of the room. Or perhaps we would be greeted with silence and indifference. My point is, there are not many who would shake at our message and ask us to stop because of fear.   

Think of all the wars that were fought for religious reasons. All the martyrs. While they paint a grim picture, they also indicate that people held religion in high enough esteem to make such a fuss over their beliefs. In short, there was some form of the fear of the Lord at work in their lives. Many were misguided, but they were energized through their own version of the fear of the Lord.    

This Is An End Time Problem

2 Timothy 3:2 For people will love only themselves and their money. They will be boastful and proud, scoffing at God, disobedient to their parents, and ungrateful. They will consider nothing sacred. – NLT 

This is a description of the last days. Perhaps everything listed comes as a result of what is described in the last sentence: “They will consider nothing sacred.” If we consider nothing sacred, we will not tremble to scoff at God, or be boastful and proud. If nothing is sacred, then the things of God appear equal to the mundane and even the carnal. What lack of sensitivity, reverence, and fear, does it take to bring the things of God this low in our estimation? 

Everything has become a joke to so many. Let’s pray for the fear of God to fall on humanity once more. If there is one thing we need, it is that. The details and theological differences can be sorted out later. Right now we just need to get to a place where there is even a need for theology among the masses.

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