He Is Enthroned On Our Praises


Is it possible for us to contribute to the majesty of God? Would God entrust us with the task of building a throne for Him to sit on? This seems very unlikely to people who are very cognizant of their limitations and failures. We can contribute nothing by our own strength, this is true enough. But according to the Bible, God is enthroned on our praises!

 Psalm 22:3 Yet you are holy, enthroned on the praises of Israel. –ESV 

The Holy Spirit Inspires Our Praises

The thing is, we do not praise God with our own ability. True praise, that pierces the heavens and rises all the way to the habitation of the Most High, is inspired by the Holy Spirit. And don’t fret if you’re not a Jew. Gentiles are grafted into the Kingdom through Jesus and we are spiritual Jews. That means our praises have the same value—if inspired by the Holy Spirit—as the praises of Israel.

Perhaps we can make it personal. What if this is why it’s so important to praise and worship God in our battles? Maybe He is not only enthroned universally through the collective praises of the saints, but also in each life individually at the level of praise each of us is offering. Perhaps this is a key God has given us to unlocking and releasing His royal power in each of our lives.

This can revolutionize our walk if we let it. Complaining and blaming and speaking negativity breeds more problems and troubles and probably enthrones the enemy in our lives rather than God. We as Kingdom people overcome evil with good, instead of fighting evil with evil. I believe praising God in the battle is part of that. 

A Defensive Weapon

If we see evil rising, we can sing, speak or shout praises to God. This ‘good,’ will overcome the evil we see rising as God’s power is able to find an outlet in our lives. But what if we take it even one step further? What if we enthrone God on our praises even when times are good?

We are not only called to operate defensively, contrary to the way we seem inclined to think. I believe if we take the initiative to enthrone God on our praises even in the good times, we can move forward proactively in the Kingdom, rather than just holding our ground. 

But of course there is nothing wrong with operating in defense as a starting point. It is certainly better than giving ground. But as we mature, we can learn to enthrone God at all times in our lives and not wait on the enemy to make a move first. 

Let’s Praise Him When We Don’t Feel It

What if we don’t feel like lifting praises to God? Does that make our praises any less effective? I think it is a choice. We might think we’re fake for praising God when we don’t feel like it. Or we might think we are just using our carnal strength. But I believe the Holy Spirit is attracted to the praises of sanctified people. I believe if we lift up the name of Jesus with a pure heart, the Holy Spirit will come and lift those praises to heaven.

And besides defense and offense and having the power of God in our lives, we can always, if for no other reason, simply praise God because He is worthy. Perhaps that is the height of maturity.

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