Deception & Revelation: Twin Towers


The age we find ourselves in is fraught with deception. There are more ideas and opinions than ever before. This is a natural outcome of the breakdown of long held traditions. At a glance this seems like a tragedy. Many people are led astray by false teachers and prophets. Chaos and strife become the order of the day as people’s worldviews clash. Gone are the days of people sitting in church pews from sea to shining sea, drinking in similar messages, mostly of sound doctrine. But what if it is all part of God’s plan? And what if it is necessary to produce a more mature bride?

Before major movements in the breakdown of traditions began, the church as a whole was—in many cases—walking in the truth. But perhaps not the whole truth. And perhaps it was impossible for the bride of Christ to move into deeper truths without breaking away dearly held traditions. As these traditions were stripped away by shockwaves of rapid cultural shifts, it opened the door for ideas that were never socially acceptable to entertain. 

Deception Arrives

As mentioned above, this led to rampant deception. But I’ve come to see that in the same way that grace increases where sin abounds, revelation also increases where deception abounds. But only to those who are willing to receive it. Ask and it shall be given to you. Seek and you shall find. 

As we find the tide of deception tugging at our minds and hearts, we can cry out to the Father in desperation, trying to find a way to rise above the flood. In His faithfulness, if we have a strong desire to escape the flood of deception, He reaches down with a strong hand and lifts us to an island high above the swirling waters. And not only does He keep us from drowning, He feeds us flashes of revelation, showing things that the darkness tries to hide. His light is far greater than the power of darkness. 

The Twin Towers

Another analogy is, as my title suggests, that deception and revelation are twin towers. One rises with the other. God does not let the tower of deception grow taller without the tower of revelation growing with it. Where one is, we can be sure to find the other if we look. 

So if you find deception towering over you and intimidating you, and you find your beliefs shaken, look around. If you don’t know where you stand anymore because of all the ideas swirling around you, just shift your focus. Where the tower of deception is, you will also find the tower of revelation. It might be hidden in the misty veil produced by deception, but if you seek, you will surely find. The Word of God is our friend in these times. And so is the Spirit of God who is our counselor. 

God is more than able to keep us in these shaky times. But He can’t do it with lukewarm people. Let’s use these times of darkness and deception as an opportunity for desperation to arise. God never turns away hearts that are desperate for Him. And as we are lifted into the light of His revelation, we are washed deeper, preparing us for a time when we are presented to Him without spot or wrinkle. It takes us from one glory to a greater. It is a wonderful work of wisdom and He has ordained it.

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