The Storm Before The Calm


It’s easy to look across the landscape of global activity and become frustrated, fearful and angry at this time. There is a shaking happening. There is a storm going on. A storm of spiritual warfare. Things look dark to many. Not necessarily because of the Corona Virus itself but many times because of the fallout that comes from it. It is exposing corrupt desires of tyranny in many American leaders. It is causing an increased outpouring of hatred, lies and manipulation from our media. People are divided like never before. Some are virtue signaling by getting their neighbors in trouble.

Many people are in financial trouble. Businesses are on the verge of collapse in some cases. To many of us it all seems unwarranted. It feels like there are people on the highest levels of the power structure playing games with our livelihoods and liberties. 

I’ll be honest, with all the things on the line as described above, my first instinct is to unleash a red-blooded American spirit and draw a battle line with our authorities. But I’ve paused before putting actions to my thoughts. I’ve had to ask myself time and again, is God sovereign or isn’t He? Of course God is sovereign.

The Storm Is God’s Tool

So if that’s the case, I have to consider, what is He trying to accomplish through this pandemic that He has sovereignly brought our way? He is not surprised by the fallout that came from Corona Virus. In fact, I’ve had to conclude that as unwarranted as it all seems, it is all a part of God’s design in all likelihood. And as I look at what I perceive as injustices coming from those who should be executing justice, I have to realize we actually deserve worse. 

The outcome of a wicked nation is always corrupt leaders. God uses these leaders many times to bring judgement on a wicked nation. So if seen from that light, and if I review the recent history of American and global debauchery, this is only a light stroke from God’s whip. 

It doesn’t soften the heartache I feel, but it refocuses my priorities and draws me to my knees instead of the front lines of the cultural war. This is a spiritual war and we need to fight it on spiritual ground by and large. There are many practical things that go hand in hand with spiritual warfare, but the focus and priority needs to be on the spiritual. 

Previous Examples

Something I’ve noticed in my own life and also corporately, is that there is often a storm before the calm in spiritual warfare. So once more, if we shift our focus from the material to the spiritual, it can actually be comforting to see the storm clouds scudding overhead, with rain, hail, lightning and thunder blasting around us. These are the fury of the enemy that tries to persuade us that all is lost. That there is no use even praying. That he has things locked down and it’s all downhill from here. But these are distractions and not truths as long as we react in the way God has designed for us to react under His judgement. And this is to seek His face in sorrow and repentance on behalf of a nation and world that has gone vastly astray. 


I believe we are ripe for revival. And I believe the enemy recognizes this as well. So if revival is God’s priority, then let’s make it our priority. Just because we’re ripe for it doesn’t mean it will happen on its own. God has ordained His saints to be participants in the great moves of His Kingdom. We are vessels He has chosen to flow through if we will allow Him. But God cannot flow effectively from heaven to earth through vessels that have a geyser of fear, anger, bitterness and the like spewing in the opposite direction and from the opposite source. 

So I’ve repented of fear, anger and rebellion. Not that I wouldn’t do something in a practical sense if the door opened for me to do so, but there hasn’t, so all those things are just destructive emotions. Let’s not be guided by our passions and emotions, but by the Spirit of God. I believe if we do so, the windows of heaven will open and a great light will shine once more, and the calm in victory will be far greater than the storm was.

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