In Him All Is Victory


We have heard many times that in Jesus is all victory. This is true, but I’d like to raise the bar a little higher by stating that in Jesus all is victory. Basically this means that not only is every victory we have, found in Jesus, but that if we abide in Jesus continually, all we face will be swallowed up in the victory we already have in Christ. 

Just relating from experience, I can say that all the times I’ve faced an obstacle or a temptation and failed to overcome, it was invariably because I fought in the flesh or failed to fight at all. Fighting in the flesh can mean relying on my own thinking, will, strength and determination. It can also mean relying on other peoples’ carnal advice or assistance. Fighting in any way other than by the Spirit’s leading and strength can fall in this category. 

No Victory Because Of Apathy

As to not fighting at all, there have been times when I have had the apathetic attitude that God is sovereign and He’ll take care of my obstacle in His own time without my interference. Sometimes this works if I am quieting myself, in faith that God will fight my battle. But apathy is not borne by faith so that attitude does not qualify. And everything that does not come from faith is sin. Also I’ve found that when God has told me to be still and let Him fight, I still need to be proactive in standing on that very Word He has given me.  

Conversely, I’ve found that sometimes I think it’s unrealistic to expect a win every time. Thinking like that is basically handing the enemy the battle on a silver platter. It’s like I look at the material world and see that it is give and take for everyone in the natural, so why could I expect victory one hundred percent of the time in the spiritual? This is an insult to my Lord. His victory is complete—there is nothing lacking in it.

Another excuse I’ve fallen for to not fight, is the thought that I’m battle weary and grace will cover any sins or concessions anyway. If I give in this time, grace will cover my sin and I’ll live to fight it some other time. Or I can cave to fear or some other bondage this time and after I’m rested, I can come back with energy. 

Using Instead Of Abusing Grace

These thoughts assume that I will be fighting with my own energy and strength which makes them flawed from that angle. Also, I have been brought to a deep conviction in the past to not make cheap the grace Jesus so dearly paid to be able to give me. 

Yes, grace does abound where sin abounds, but we are told not to put God to the test. Grace is a provision for sins fallen into, not sins premeditatedly committed—though there is forgiveness for that too if sincerely repented of. I’ve come to the conclusion that after grace has been received for past sins, it’s primary purpose then becomes to enable us to escape the snares of sin, instead of using it as an excuse to walk in sin without condemnation.

So if we believe in a grace all sufficient and immeasurable, we should be aware of the truth of the matter—that victory is ours in all things if we abide in that grace. 

Now I’m not advocating that we will on this side of Jesus’ return, live in a perfect world or live a life free of error. What I am saying is that it is possible to be perfect in the eyes of God and to be always victorious in the eyes of God, if we don’t take our eyes off Him as Peter did when he walked on water. And besides the errors we fall into, we can win every battle every time by the victory Jesus won for us with so great a price! 

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