Kingdom Goals For 2020

Kingdom Goals

Another year behind us, a fresh one on the horizon. It’s amazing how the week between Christmas and New Year causes us to put on the brakes and think soberly. I know I did this past week, as I reflected on 2019 and focused on my Kingdom Goals for 2020. This year has been an incredible mixture of trials and joy, of failures and successes, of laughter and tears. So much has shifted, changed and been cleansed from my life. I lost a business and gained one. We had lost a child through miscarriage in 2018, but gained another this year. Step by step, God shuffled little things and big things to suit His purpose.

                        Kingdom Goals Summary 2019

A year ago, I wrote a post you can read here, outlining my goals for 2019 and how I was steering away from resolutions and forming Kingdom Goals instead. Two goals I had made public was to finish the first draft of a book I was working on and to write about Israel and Jewish topics on this blog. Well, I think I wrote about Israel only once, in a post about my brother Jonas and his wife Kristi’s trip over there, so I would consider that goal a semi-failure. Concerning my book though, I had more success. 

I not only, by the grace of God, finished the first draft, I have completed multiple drafts of it and am almost entirely finished. (A big thank you to my beta readers for helping me along!) It is an allegorical novel, meant to tell a good story, and also to lay out illustrations about spiritual life in ways that leave memorable impressions on the reader. Some elements apply to the age we live in now, though much of it addresses timeless principles. I will reveal more on it as I get closer to publication.

                                          What’s Next?

Which brings me to my Kingdom Goals for 2020. With God’s help, I plan to publish this book in 2020, hopefully sometime early in the year. Also, I have started on a prequel to the book I’ve written which I hope to finish this year. I have more goals and visions, but I think sharing two specific ones is sticking my neck out enough. 🙂

What are your Kingdom Goals for 2020? What has God put on your heart to do for His Kingdom? We are called for good works, not out of our own ability, but out of God’s anointing and riches. Not for our own glory, but for the One who is worthy of all glorythe King of kings and Lord of lords. Remember, we do most resolutions in the flesh, which is why I steer away from them. Let’s seek His Kingdom and His righteousness this year and obey His call on our lives; wherever that may lead. 

Proverbs 16:3 Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established. –ESV

I wish all of you the very best and God’s blessing in 2020—Shalom!

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