All Is Good—If We Love Him

Romans 8:28 And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. —NASB 

Many people talk about God’s unconditional love these days. To me it is a moot point whether God loves unconditionally or not. All we need to know is that we cannot receive God’s love without meeting certain conditions. So even if He does love us unconditionally, it does us no good if we do not avail ourselves of it by meeting His conditions. This is true of even the first step in receiving God’s love through the promise of salvation. Salvation is for everyone, but only if we repent and accept Jesus’ righteousness for our filthy rags. In the same way, we find conditions attached to the promises we live by after receiving the first taste of God’s love.

                      His Precious Promise Of Good

The verse laid out above is a precious promise that does not fail. However, let’s not miss the condition attached to it. If we do not love God and are not called according to His purpose, we might as well not claim that promise, since it is not for that group of people. But if we do love God, and have for any amount of time, we can probably testify to His faithfulness in keeping this promise. 

But how easy is it to forget this when we are in the heat of the fire? Or in the cross-hairs of the enemy? Like the Israelites—after witnessing God’s faithfulness over and over again in the desert and still doubting Him with each fresh challenge—we also see God’s hand move on our behalf countless times and yet we still doubt when things become heavy. Or when we cannot see beyond what confronts us. It is at these points Jesus might say, “Oh ye of little faith!”

                  It Applies To Those With Little Faith

But even with our little faith, He is faithful. He did not say He would work things together for good to those of great faith. He said He would do it to those who love Him. This should be no challenge for us. Especially if He forgave us much. So though there is a condition, it is not a burdensome one if we have taken the first steps in receiving God’s love through repentance.  

After we receive God’s love, we are then able to love Him effortlessly. And He promises in return to cause all things to work together for our good from that time on if we abide in that love. So let’s take a hold of this promise by faith, however small that faith is, if we love God. His word remains forever and it is true. The worst storm, the greatest testing fire, the worst attack from the enemy will all be turned into something good. We truly cannot lose if we love and trust God.

God’s conditions are not burdensome. You may notice that it all begins and ends with Him. He puts His love in us and we return it to Him. The only things He ever asks of us are those things He has already put in us. If He had not put it in us, it would come from ourselves and be corrupt. This illustrates His perfect wisdom and mercy.

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