God, My Compass


There are many things that guide people, that people essentially use as a compass. Money, relationships, entertainment and pleasures of all kinds. Or perhaps in many cases these things are more like treats dangled in front of us, leading us one step at a time to an unknown destination. In our natural state, we are quite content with this moment by moment existence. Our imagination keeps us supplied with notions of how ultimately we control the course we are on. But that is not reality. We are really walking one step at a time in a mirage that is ever shifting and changing on us. But we have no problem with it when we are walking in the flesh.

Once we are born of the spirit this all changes. At first many of us still walk in the old way sometimes. But we sense there is a better way to walk in. We are no longer comfortable hiding in the swirling mirage. Our imagination no longer has supreme power to comfort us anymore. Something inside warns us it’s all an illusion. That some day the mist will rise and we will find ourselves in everlasting destruction if we continue on that path. 

             A Compass On Our Spiritual Journey

So what is the alternative? Can we find a true Compass? The answer is yes, but instead of imagination fueling our pursuit of this Compass, we now need something with more substance. Ironically this thing we need—though it has more substance and is far more real—is much harder, especially at first, to rely on. It’s called faith

Why do we have such an easy time leaning on our imaginations, which lie to us all the time, and yet we have such a hard time leaning on an honest faith in God? It points back to the utter wickedness of an unregenerate heart. I believe that if we have a wicked heart, believing lies comes naturally and is where we are comfortable. If we have a clean heart, faith becomes an easier means of guidance for us. 

We cannot see God with our natural eyes, but there is something within our hearts that testifies to His leading. Yet if our hearts are not clean, we can stumble into pockets of darkness and fall into confusion. In those moments we have the option of reverting to our imagination for guidance, or cleansing our heart at the fountain of Grace. If we choose imagination, we will spend a long time wandering aimlessly as the Israelites did in the wilderness. If we choose to believe God’s promises in His Word, and the leading of His Spirit, we will suffer the patience it takes to dwell by the fountain of Grace until light shines once more and our Compass is more readily sensed in our hearts.

                               A Personal Guide

Though our natural eyes do not see God, He is the surest guide and companion we could ever ask for. Though I use the analogy of a compass, He is obviously far superior. He is a personal guide who will never leave or forsake us.

So let’s abandon the wickedness in our hearts that hangs us up so easily. Let’s walk step by step in in faith, being led by the One who is true. If we were willing to walk step by step in delusion without question for so long, surely we can now walk by faith, step by step unto everlasting life!

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