Are We Prepared To Marvel?


Many times we get caught up in the time leading to the second coming of Jesus. This is to be expected. There is so much going on in that season. The chaos. The promise of revival. The dread of persecution and darkness. There is good and evil on the horizon—both in proportions possibly not seen before in the world. This equals great conflict and of course absorbs a lot of our attention.

                          It’s All About Jesus

But as we ponder and hope and fear, let’s not forget what it is actually all leading up to. This season will come and go, then where will we find ourselves? If we have given our lives to the Lord and entered His kingdom while on this corrupt earth, we will find ourselves transitioning fully into His perfect kingdom as it is revealed from heaven. Beyond even that though, we will see Jesus, revealed in all His glory and we will marvel! 

2 Thessalonians 1:10 when he comes on that day to be glorified in his saints, and to be marveled at among all who have believed, because our testimony to you was believed. –ESV   

Isn’t it true that we forget so many times that it’s all about Jesus? I know when I think of the end times and even of the return of Jesus, I do not often consider that I will marvel at Jesus. Many times I think of the extermination of evil on the earth after it has groaned under its heavy burden for thousands of years. Or I think of judgements—condemnations and rewards. I wonder what the new earth will be like, free of evil and corruption. What will it be like to live under the sovereign rule of Jesus with no tampering by the enemy? 

                      The Gifts Or The Giver?

All of these thoughts and questions are legitimate, but they are all concerned with things that are a result of the touch of Jesus and not about Jesus Himself. And if I’m completely honest, if I think about the results of His touch after His return, I do so, many times, in the context of how enjoyable it will be for me. While it’s great to enjoy the things Jesus does for us and gives us, it is a mistake to esteem them higher than Jesus Himself. 

Are we prepared to marvel? I know for myself, I need to realign my way of thinking and come to grips with the fact that Jesus Himself will be the highlight and treasure to the consecrated bride. Everything else will flow from Him. He is more than willing to give us the kingdom if we will but prioritize Him and worship Him alone—and not His gifts. 

So as we continue in this season—pointing to the end of all things as we know them—let’s remember Who it points to, and let’s be prepared to be enraptured by His glory—and to marvel.

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