The Age Of Enlightenment


It is no secret among those of us who are truly enlightened, that what the world calls enlightenment is nothing more than an excuse to actually go back in time, presenting old evils in a different light. And if we do not agree with the moral legitimacy of what they present, then we are outdated and unintelligent. But I find it interesting since, what is being presented as enlightened and cutting edge, is often, as I mentioned, actually just a repackaged version of an ancient evil. Sometimes it is not even repackaged, they just bring it back and call it the height of enlightenment to accept it.

                              A Personal Example

Today I was asked by someone to sign a business contract. I read it thoroughly. The very last clause in the contract had to do with equal employment opportunity. This had nothing to do with our business situation, but apparently they found it needful to show how enlightened they were and to make sure our company is equally as enlightened. The problem is, as I read deeper into it, I discovered they wanted me to commit to practicing affirmative action. So much so that they wanted to partially control the way we advertise for employees. 

                       What Is Affirmative Action?

Affirmative action, in a nutshell, is a program where those who practice it, go out of their way to make sure certain percentages of their company or organization are made up of females and minorities. They also ensure that those females and minorities are payed equally to, or better than their white male counterparts, and that they are promoted regularly. None of this takes performance into consideration and a white male who performs better than the females or minorities may find himself at a loss of a job opportunity, a raise, or a promotion, simply because of his gender and race. 

                     Discrimination Repackaged

You see how an ancient evil of discrimination was repackaged to favor those who were traditionally discriminated against? Within the span of a few decades we went from normalized racism against minorities to racism against whites and discrimination against males. The enemy just repositioned to ensure that the same evil remains alive in some form in our nation. This is what many people call enlightenment. In reality it is blindness. Those who are truly enlightened see it for what it is, but suffer persecution for pointing out the truth.

                More Philosophies Of ‘Enlightenment’

 There are many examples of evil philosophies being celebrated in the name of enlightenment when they are actually the result of blindness. Militant feminism replaces male chauvinism. Child abuse through excessive corporal punishment or excessive work, is turned into abuse through leniency, gender confusion, and yes, even pedophilia is making a start in the enlightenment crowd. Homosexuality is a primitive evil that they have tried to turn into an enlightened virtue. Animals are worshiped and bestiality along with necrophilia and incest, have made inroads. All of these evils are worse than the traditional evils practiced by the average sinner fifty years ago, but they are called enlightened and virtuous activities. If we allow it, the age of enlightenment will turn our society into primitive cave men—living on every desire and whim with no legitimate moral regard.

                                      In Closing

We are living in deceptive times. Let’s stay alert and not be caught off guard. The devil is prowling about, seeking whom he may devour, but we are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus.

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