The Salt Of The Earth


Matthew 5:13 You are the salt of the earth, but if salt has lost its taste, how shall its saltiness be restored? It is no longer good for anything except to be thrown out and trampled under people’s feet. –ESV

At the time Jesus spoke this, salt was considered to be of tremendous value. So much so that people received their wages in salt sometimes. This being the case, I believe we can draw from this that the saints of God are the ones who add value to the earth. Without the saints, the earth would be empty of value and probably destroyed.

Along similar lines, salt was used as a preservative before refrigerators. Additionally, it is necessary for human life. Once more I would draw from this metaphor that we are the ones preserving the earth and keeping it from destruction. We are the salt necessary for the life of the earth. This, only because we are a temple of the Holy Spirit, and are conduits for His presence on earth. 

Applying the former part of the verse in these ways can be a tremendous encouragement to the believer. It gives us morale and purpose. While many in the world look down on Christians because we are not trendy or sophisticated, we can know the truth: their sophistication has no value, but we are salt, of immeasurable value. 

The most obvious quality of salt is of course its ability to season. It will turn something bland into something delicious. Once more, the deception of the world abounds in the lie that Christians are bland people. But as time goes on and as the enemy’s influence seems to increase in the world around us, we can see that he is the one who insists that all conform to a narrow, bland existence, void of diversity and beauty. But if you find truly surrendered Christians, there you will find lives seasoned with all the fruits and gifts of the Spirit.

Of course we cannot look at the former and ignore the latter part of the verse. The latter portion makes it clear that we can lose our salty taste and that the results are not good. It is up to us to be fully surrendered to God and to allow His Spirit within us to season us and to flow through us to season others and give them value. It is a great gift and a great responsibility. Let’s rejoice that the Lord would entrust us with His work. And let’s do it soberly, knowing fully the importance of our role.

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