From One Glory To A Greater


I am amazed at the amount of times God has revealed a certain level of glory to me and I was willing to sit back and say, “ah this is wonderful, I’ll just hang out here.” There have been times I reached points of victory that were great and I could not, in my little mind see anything better on the horizon. I’ve learned by now (I think) to assume that as long as I am alive, there is more coming. Not to mention the final glory when our race is finished, if we have finished well. 

This life is not meant to be a life of stagnation or apathy. Like stepping stones across a quagmire, filled with dangerous reptiles—God leads us through this world of evil from one glory to a greater glory continuously. At times we may not have the vision to see anything better ahead, or perhaps we know we will have to face a few reptiles and quicksand to get to the next stepping stone of glory. Either way, we are selling God and ourselves short if we are not willing to move ahead.

Thankfully, God knows what’s best for us and even though we are small minded and apathetic at times, He is faithful to prod us on. We have only to be willing to go when we feel that pressure instead of balking. 

The biggest help for me is simply to realize that this world is not my home. God loves to give us good things. The problem we run into, is that we want to ride these good waves for a lifetime. We’re looking for a perpetual heaven and we just can’t quite find it here on earth. We get smatterings of it, in greater and greater portions. But learning to thank God for each one and enjoying them but briefly before looking to the next glory and its accompanying enemies, can be a challenge for us.

You see, God has only a small sliver of time to deal with us here on this earth. And everything He can accomplish in us has eternal value. I believe that is why He is not content to allow us to wallow for lengthy periods in each glory we receive. Our natural mind wants to blame God for not allowing us to revel in what little pleasures we find in this dreary world, but let’s remember the greater picture. His ways are higher than ours. We can always assume He knows what he’s doing and has our best in mind. 

We’re so used to having people manipulate, and hold out on us. Let’s not project this characteristic on God. As much as evil wants to hurt us for personal gain, God wants to bless us even more. He is faithful. Let’s trust Him from one battle to the next. From one glory to a greater glory—until it all culminates into everlasting glory where Jesus reigns forevermore. Hallelujah! 

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