If God Would Not Move

God Move

Something I have noticed throughout my Christian walk is that many times God lets me see what I would be left with if He would not move on my behalf. Sometimes I see a problem on the horizon and I work ahead of time to try and solve it before crunch time. I pray about it, but I also do everything I can to avoid disaster.

Sometimes the problem is solved with plenty of cushion and comfort left over. But there are plenty of times when I eventually find no option but God’s sovereign provision. I have just come through a time like that.

There was trouble on the horizon for my tire disposal business. From the beginning my options were few, but they existed.  I prayed about it and explored all the options available to keep my business running in a healthy way. The short version of the problem I was facing is this:

In the tire disposal business, you make your money by charging people to drop off tires at your facility, then it is your job to shred the tires to a size that makes them legal to dispose of in limited ways. It can be a challenge at times to get rid of the shreds because of these limits. And my competitors are already using up many of the options available. In short, I was running out of options to dispose of my shreds and if I couldn’t dispose of them, I had no business. 

I had to shut the business down for a week at a time sometimes until I could find a way to move forward. But finally I came to a point where I was up against a wall. I knew that if God would not move, I would be in trouble. And I knew it was the only way my business would make it. 

I was staring failure in the face, but I held out hope that God would come through. He had come through marvelously before in business, in equally trying situations. God did come through in this case as well. Not a second too late. Miraculously, I landed an account with a huge landfill that wants all the shreds we have accumulated through our drought and as much as we can produce in the future for cells they are building. I had been trying to get this account as long ago as two years already without the slightest sign of success, but at the last minute, God granted it to me.

I don’t tell this story to brag—it was nothing I did. My desire is to give God glory for His power and His willingness to move on behalf of His saints. Don’t despair when options diminish day by day. Many times it is only God setting the stage for a miracle. Sometimes He arranges things so that only He can get the glory—so have faith!        

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