Kingdom Goals For 2019


Well 2018 is coming to a close, Christmas is over and the new year is about to begin. It is a well known tradition to make resolutions for the coming year, but I’ve found that for most people, those are setups for failure and disappointment. Most likely it’s because we enter into these resolutions with our own will and strength. And most of us know that nothing of eternal value is done with our own strength or will anyway.

This year, as I thought about these things, I decided resolutions are not the way to go. Rather, why don’t I see what God is assigning to me for the Kingdom and make Kingdom goals for the coming year that God has already placed on my heart to do? If I do this, I am evading the part where my own will is concerned. 

The next step is to eliminate my own strength. Whatever God has laid on my heart to do, will not be done effectively for His Kingdom by my own strength. So I need to give God supremacy in what He has assigned for me to do. If He assigned it, it will need to be done His way, with His inspiration and with His power.  

Proverbs 16:3 Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established. –ESV    

The other remaining factor in this is timing. Just because God has assigned something to me and the new year is coming and I am making it a goal, does not mean that I have to get it done in the following year. Some things can, some things can’t. There are things He assigns that are too big to get done in a year. Others are ongoing and cannot be encapsulated like that. 

But of course there are some things He gives that can be done in a year. And a new year is something special in the human mind. It feels like a fresh start and we are willing to wipe our own slate clean. Not of sin of course, but of mistakes, failures and shortcomings in the past year. 

So my thought is to give God His timing even though I am making the goals in the beginning of a new year. I believe He can give us things that will exceed this coming year by far, and He can give us smaller things we can be faithful to complete within the year. 

One of the things I believe in my heart I can complete in 2019 for the Kingdom, is at least the first draft of a book I am working on. Something that will probably extend beyond the year is some changes I feel led to bringing to this blog. 

God’s eyes are on His nation Israel and I am thinking of incorporating some things in this blog pertaining to His heart in that matter in the coming year and hopefully in more time to come as well. Those are two Kingdom goals that easily come to mind and have a direct impact on you, my readers, so I felt compelled to share them. It’s not easy for me to share these things, as I have been wrong about God’s leading before—but this walk is a walk of faith, not sight. If we fail, we get back up by faith, humble ourselves and ask God for a clearer vision. 

If you have any Kingdom goals you would like to share, and are released to share, feel free to do so in the comments section. I wish you all a very blessed and fruitful 2019!

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