The Truth Hurts—But Only If You’re Living A Lie


We’ve all heard the old saying: “the truth hurts.” On face value it appears to be that way many times. You say something to someone without thinking. That person takes offense at what you said, even though you didn’t mean to be offensive. You have hit a nerve you didn’t know was there.

Or maybe you’re on the other end of it, and you’re the one offended. The truth blind-sided you, and yes, even hurt you.

So why does Jesus say “the truth will set you free?” The word of God is true is it not? Well yes, we can always start our logical thinking with the premises that the word of God is true. If we are coming up with a conclusion other than what scripture points to, then we need to start over and ask God for guidance.

This is a very handy jump start that secular thinkers do not have. Not that I believe the Bible needs to be purely analyzed—I don’t. It needs to be thought over with strong assistance and revelation from the Holy Spirit. The natural mind cannot comprehend the things of God.

So what is the reason then that so many consider the truth to be hurtful, when the Bible says it sets you free? I believe it is very simple: If a certain area of our lives brings hurt when exposed to the truth, then we are probably living a lie in that particular part of life.

You see, we need to receive the word of God, and affirm it within us. As long as we live in denial, and are not looking for a cure to a problem, then suddenly the truth becomes a problem. This is because it disrupts the nice little cocoon we have built around the deception we are living in. In these cases, we are resisting bringing darkness to light as scripture tells us to.

For evidence of this, think of all the times you have had the truth presented to you. Contrast the times it hurt and the times it helped. Hopefully it has helped more times than it has hurt. Either way, I am sure you will find a pattern. At least I have.

I have noticed that the times it hurt, I simply didn’t have a welcome mat prepared for it—and God, the author of truth, does not force Himself on us. So I have had to learn to develop a lifestyle of loving the truth, whether it disrupts my little agendas or not. There is tremendous freedom in this! The truth does not have to hurt, it can, and will set you free, if you are willing to go where it takes you.

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