The Disappointments Life Brings


Last week I wrote a post titled “The Fiery Trials Of Life.” This is a lite version of that post. Disappointments are not necessarily fiery, but they present trials in their own right. If a person does not learn early in life how to deal with disappointments, they often have stunted growth—in character and spirit.

This was self evident in a wiser age, but we live in an age of delusion and entitlement. An age where many children are brought up in single parent homes, and are therefore neglected in many ways. Many children who have both parents are neglected as well. One thing that is neglected is sound teaching. One of the neglected teachings is how to deal with disappointments. So now we live in an age where adults have not learned this basic function. This is why many refer to millennials as snowflakes.

Whether you like the term or not, there is some truth to it. We as fallen humans in a cursed world simply must come to grips with the fact that we will face many disappointments in this life. We were made for much more, which is why we expect much more. But this world cannot deliver.

The truth of the matter is this world is not our home. We are sojourners passing through, preparing for our eternal destination. The temptation is great to seek our reward in this life time—in this world. The bible is clear that those who receive their reward in this world will not receive it in the next. I don’t believe that is because God wants to withhold good things from us. It may simply be because those who seek their reward primarily in this life have not pursued things of eternal value.

In relation to this thought, the person who pursues things of eternal value, also has his focus on eternity. His heart naturally follows where his treasure is. (see Matthew 6:21) This being the case, it is much easier for a spiritual person to accept disappointments. We who know God, and are disciples of Jesus, know that our current troubles do not compare to what is in store for us.

Romans 8:18 For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us. —ESV

 So let us look ahead to this eternal glory, and also the glory we have now through the Spirit within us. By doing so, the disappointments of this life lose their power to bring us down.

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