Tomorrow—A Day That Never Comes


Last week I wrote a post titled Yesterday—A Thing Of The Past. I Decided to keep things going on this track for two more weeks. This week I want to address the time we unnecessarily spend thinking about our future. Or the future of a corporate body we may be a part of. We’ve all heard the saying “tomorrow never comes.” It’s true, but we fail to grasp it at times.

We think we can extend our feeble arms into the murkiness of tomorrow, arranging things to our preference. We start thinking about the way things could go, and the way we would like them to go, and how we can manipulate circumstances exactly the way we like them. This applies personally, and like I said, corporately as well. In a business, ministry, government, social circles or any number of other corporate bodies we can be a part of.

It stems from a need for control we are not made for. Not that I am condemning prudent planning and strategy. There is obviously a balance to be met here. What I’m addressing is the unhealthy and imbalanced need to for control in areas we cannot possibly have control over. This unhealthy need for control becomes worry, and anxiety. (Click here for more on that)

Matthew 6:34—Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble. —ESV

Wise words. Why don’t we just focus on what God has legitimately put on our plate to deal with and leave the rest to Him? Well we were born with a sin nature, which separates us from God and His design, and we play miniature gods ourselves at times. But as we grow in our faith in Him, our life reflects more and more, the design He had intended from the beginning. So most of us, if we look into our past—provided we are people of faith, see there was a time when we grappled with this problem more than we do now.

That is encouraging right? It should be. And if you haven’t been a person of faith for long enough to see this trend, don’t fret, it is all a process.

So ultimately the goal is to return to the original design. Amazing how we complicate things and try to reinvent the wheel. The remedy for all things were in place from the foundation of the world, and before. But we, in our fallen state think we are brilliant and smarter than God. That is where all our trouble starts.

So let’s put tomorrow into the hands of a loving Father, who actually can make a straight path for us, and arrange things for our good and His glory!

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