Uncircumcised Philistines


How many of you have uncircumcised Philistines in your life? Maybe they live rent-free in your head, mocking your dreams, visions, and goals, especially if they are Divinely inspired. Or they use other people to do it. Perhaps they speak through certain members of the media, or their political counter-parts, taunting the armies of God. Whether on a personal or corporate level, these are giants that can intimidate, bully, and shame you to ineffectiveness if you let them.

You can probably guess what biblical account I am drawing from to create this analogy. Goliath had the entire Israeli army trembling. No one would take his dare to a duel. He mocked the armies of God, and defied God. He had a blast with them for forty days, seeing them cower before him, and trip over each other to get away when he took his stand, morning and evening. Imagine how they fed his ego, and the pride he had in his false gods.

The Faith Of A Child

It took a boy, with faith, anointing, and courage to defeat this giant—this stench to the armies of Israel. David some-how escaped the paralysis of fear. With the faith of a child, saw the illusion Goliath lived, with his flimsy gods, and he also saw the firm foundation he had in the God of Israel. David saw Goliath as an enemy of God, not as a personal enemy, and so, was able to stand on the power of God to defeat him.

Can we do the same? The Bible says we should be like children. Can we forget our jaded attitudes that become so natural in adult-hood, and have faith in the Living God? Even as uncircumcised Philistines come against us, creating believable illusions, can we become outraged at their arrogance the way David did? Can we believe the promises of God are true, and everything else is an illusion?

So when those thoughts or words come, defying what God has shown you, recognize them for the lies they are. The enemy can only rely on people believing his lies. If we don’t believe them, they are not real. Let’s not be afraid to pick up a stone in the name of the Living God and put these lies to death. They have no right to have any influence in our lives, and we have no obligation to give them any quarter. I am coming to realize the opposite is true: I am obligated to not give them an inch. It is how we stay effective, free, and joyful!

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