Forged Destiny Book Release!

Adventure. Exploration of the human condition. All woven into a grand tapestry…

In this allegory, join Talon Forge on his youthful quest for a brighter destiny. Brutal work at the forges and a dogmatic culture are behind him. The world is at his disposal. Unfortunately, he finds rejection, suffering and darkness awaiting him. The Xandrian estate is the first place he finds that offers hope and light. But also a cross. He detests this and is easily persuaded by Lumen, who is crossing the Xandrian estate, to travel with him to an island called Prospect. 

To get to it, they must go to a harbor called Wide Gate, sail the Sea of Delusion and dock at the Port of Inflamed Imagination. There is light and happiness in abundance as the voyage begins. All is luxury and decadence. But Talon can’t fit in. And he discovers an undercurrent of hostility despite all the accommodations. After serving time in the oar room and eventually being evicted from the ship on a raft, will he get to Prospect somehow? If so, will he finally find his utopia, or just more putrid darkness beneath a shiny surface? 

Forged Destiny is a thought provoking and captivating allegory containing timeless truths and timely insights. Readers of John Bunyan’s allegories would enjoy this tale!

Buy Forged Destiny to join Talon on his quest, today!

My Book Is Finally Launching!

Hello all, I’m excited to announce the release of my first book, Forged Destiny! If you’ve enjoyed my blog-posts, perhaps you would also enjoy this book. It shares the same pursuit of ideas and truth, but is wrapped in a story that keeps the reader turning pages to the end without yawning. It is available on kindle and in paperback on Amazon. Get your copy now, by clicking the link below. The ebook is only $0.99 during the launch! Paperback is $8.99 for a limited time as well. Oh, and don’t forget to leave a review if you enjoy the book. Thanks so much!

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