A Lamp On A Stand—A City On A Hill


Matthew 5:14 & 15 You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house. –ESV

 What does it mean to be a light? I have written before about receiving light in the midst of darkness, but I would like to explore the idea of being a light. Continue reading “A Lamp On A Stand—A City On A Hill”

Going Through Life Like A Battering Ram

Battering Ram

Some of the posts I publish are nothing more than a reflection of my own mistakes and the lessons I learned from them. Lucky for those who read my posts, I have made plenty of mistakes and shouldn’t have a shortage of materials any time soon. I am reminded, because this post definitely falls in this category. Continue reading “Going Through Life Like A Battering Ram”

The History Of Halloween


The history of Halloween is a long one. Many cultural practices have conspired to create the product we have today. I’ll try to present this information chronologically to avoid confusion, and will add a few of my own thoughts at the end. I do not claim to have created a comprehensive account here; only a brief over-view, since many are not familiar with the basic history of Halloween. Continue reading “The History Of Halloween”

When The Harvest Is Not Yet


Here is a subject that seems appropriate for the fall season. It is a time when many in rural areas are harvesting what they have planted in the spring. You see pumpkins and cornstalks lining shops in town. Local produce has been available for some time now. Soon the leaves will change and fall—nuts will drop to the ground in abundance. Squirrels and other animals harvest these nuts and have a nice store for winter. Continue reading “When The Harvest Is Not Yet”

Temporal Or Eternal—Where Is Your Reward?

Eternal Value

The priorities of the human mind amaze me. The way we embrace delusion for reality, and temporal over eternal many times. Even the most strategic businessmen—who are well acquainted with waiting patiently for a reward—do not necessarily know much about storing up eternal wealth. Also, many people in the faith do not behave as though there is another world coming. One more important than the one in which they find themselves. Continue reading “Temporal Or Eternal—Where Is Your Reward?”

But We Have Forgotten—9/11/01


This week we observed the 17thanniversary of the attack on NYC by Islamic terrorists. Most of us do not spend every day thinking about it, but when the anniversary comes around, many of us remember that day very well. There are other times some of us think about it—when everyone else seems to have forgotten. Continue reading “But We Have Forgotten—9/11/01”

Light—In The Midst Of Darkness


One would think that between light and darkness, the choice would be easy. If we were presented with a straight forward option between the two, it probably would be. The problem is, there is a friend of darkness who has strategies of glamorizing darkness and lying about its consequences. He presents doorways into darkness and calls them portals of light. This is especially the case in the age we find ourselves in. And this friend of darkness—Satan—has hordes of helpers—spiritual and physical, who are quite willing to be an echo chamber for him. Continue reading “Light—In The Midst Of Darkness”

An Attitude Of Gratitude—No Exceptions


1 Thessalonians 5:18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. —ESV

How many times do we go through life reacting to the circumstances around us, and feeling justified in doing so? It is tempting to be thankful when things are going good, and to complain when things are not going as planned. Continue reading “An Attitude Of Gratitude—No Exceptions”

The Old Has Gone, The New Has Come

New Creation

2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come. –ESV

 This is a familiar verse to many of us. It has probably also been an inspiration to many. How many of us became born again, and did not learn to despise our old ways? It is impossible. Do the old things tantalize us from time to time? Sure, but then we remember what Christ has done for us and the death that comes with sin. Continue reading “The Old Has Gone, The New Has Come”

The Truth Hurts—But Only If You’re Living A Lie


We’ve all heard the old saying: “the truth hurts.” On face value it appears to be that way many times. You say something to someone without thinking. That person takes offense at what you said, even though you didn’t mean to be offensive. You have hit a nerve you didn’t know was there. Continue reading “The Truth Hurts—But Only If You’re Living A Lie”

Making Room For God’s Voice

God's Voice

Are you hearing God’s voice speaking into your life? Many people make this out to be a mystical, unattainable thing, reserved either for lunatics or great men of God. And then there are some people who think there is no difference between the two. I’m not speaking to that person—I am speaking to the person who would like to hear from God, but is struggling. Continue reading “Making Room For God’s Voice”

Surrender—A Paradoxical Path To Victory


How many military victories have been obtained by surrender? To the best of my knowledge—none. Traditionally, the nation represented by the military force that surrenders gets the lesser end of the terms laid out by their adversary. In extreme cases, they forfeit all they have and become slaves to the ones they have surrendered to. Continue reading “Surrender—A Paradoxical Path To Victory”

Tomorrow—A Day That Never Comes


Last week I wrote a post titled Yesterday—A Thing Of The Past. I Decided to keep things going on this track for two more weeks. This week I want to address the time we unnecessarily spend thinking about our future. Or the future of a corporate body we may be a part of. We’ve all heard the saying “tomorrow never comes.” It’s true, but we fail to grasp it at times. Continue reading “Tomorrow—A Day That Never Comes”

Yesterday—A Thing Of The Past


How much time do we really spend in the present? It obviously varies from person to person. I know I have had to learn to do it—it doesn’t come naturally for many people. The temptation is to either dwell in the past, regretting things you have done, or else to look to the future in fear. Also there is the possibility of looking at the past through sentimental eyes, wondering why your present doesn’t match up. None of these are healthy—we miss what God has planned for us right now. Continue reading “Yesterday—A Thing Of The Past”

Alfie Evans: The Story And Tragedy—What We Can Learn


Alfie Evans was born in Liverpool in May 2016. He was healthy when he was born, but according to his parents, he was a bit agitated. Nothing too unusual. Later though he showed signs of impairment. He could not lift his head very easily, his limbs jerked occasionally, and his eyes rolled back at times. Continue reading “Alfie Evans: The Story And Tragedy—What We Can Learn”

Words & Wonders


“What do youknow about? Words & Wonders?” My brother asked me when I told him I had no interest in a particular conversation going on around me, for my lack of knowledge on the topic. This got us going about my blog, and I started digging for the meaning of my tagline. I finally decided it was a good time to identify what it means and share it with my audience. Continue reading “Words & Wonders”

Be Courageous—Fear Not!


How often do we find some version of this admonition in the Bible? It was most famously spoken in preparing Joshua to lead the Israelites into Canaan, but a version of it is scattered throughout scripture so often, I think my time would be more effectively spent otherwise, than to get an exact count. The point is, the principle of courage and over-coming fear is one often repeated in the Bible—and for good reason. Continue reading “Be Courageous—Fear Not!”

Writing From A Christian World-View


Like most things in our culture that once seemed pretty innocent, reading for the serious believer is now something that is done with care and caution. The entertainment industry and media are filled with evil—and books, magazines, blogs, and news-papers are not exempt. There was a time when many main-stream writers were producing content that was more wholesome than some things Christians are writing today. As a result of our nation’s shift in world-view, wholesome literature has become marginalized, and is now a niche market. Continue reading “Writing From A Christian World-View”

The Art Of The Question


How many times do you find yourself slogging through life, thinking you’re on your own, and you have to figure everything out from scratch? I know I do it from time to time, and I used to do it a lot. Pride can be a factor in this, as well as inferiority. Funny how these two are found together so many times. The thing is, two opposite extremes tend to be very comfortable in the same environment—they feed off each other and react to one another. But that’s not the point of this post—maybe I’ll do one on that later. Continue reading “The Art Of The Question”

Republicrats—Who Runs Washington?


It could be confusing to the uninitiated person, perhaps returning from a long voyage to outer space, as to who runs Washington. When Obama was president, it was easy for Republicans to pretend pain over concessions. But they always claimed they were necessary since Obama would veto, if he didn’t get what he wanted. There were some things they sent to his desk, knowing he would veto them. Now we know those were just a show too. Continue reading “Republicrats—Who Runs Washington?”

Uncircumcised Philistines


How many of you have uncircumcised Philistines in your life? Maybe they live rent-free in your head, mocking your dreams, visions, and goals, especially if they are Divinely inspired. Or they use other people to do it. Perhaps they speak through certain members of the media, or their political counter-parts, taunting the armies of God. Whether on a personal or corporate level, these are giants that can intimidate, bully, and shame you to ineffectiveness if you let them. Continue reading “Uncircumcised Philistines”

From OCD To Excellence


OCD has become a bit of a buzz word among millennials, and those who have bits and pieces of it, seem to wear it as a badge of honor. You will hear phrases such as, “I’m really OCD about keeping dust off my computer but a cluttered room doesn’t bother me.” Or you may hear one of dozens of other variations of this line, depending on the preferences of the individual. The way it is said, makes you aware the person saying it is proud of his or her idiosyncrasy, and thinks it is a part of what makes them unique. Those who have more than just bits and pieces of OCD don’t seem to be quite as proud of their situation. They just quietly do what their OCD requires and wish many times they could just let some things go. Continue reading “From OCD To Excellence”



the human spirit longs for it; people steal for it, go broke for it, even murder for it…and then there are people who actually fight for it and find it. This may come off as a strange or mysterious way to describe this cosmic battle. But as all things must, we will view this through the lens of spiritual understanding. Most take for granted that freedom is a good thing. There are exceptions to this rule. Mainly you find them in people who want to take away others’ freedom. Or else people who have a sycophantic view of those tyrants. But you will find in the main-stream human being, a general acknowledgment of the virtues of liberty. Continue reading “Freedom—”

Don’t give worry time to demonstrate it’s value—


or soon you will have no time. No one can add a single hour to their lives by being anxious according to Matthew 6:27, and yet it comes naturally for many of us.

Why do we have such a hard time believing that worry has no merits? First of all, many of the things we worry about do not come to pass, which makes it seem like our worry is being rewarded, thus giving it credibility in our minds. We do not allow that these might be coincidences, (or God’s mercy) and yet the many small (and sometimes large) miracles we receive from God daily, we so easily put down as coincidences. This is trickery from the enemy; we are misplacing our faith. Continue reading “Don’t give worry time to demonstrate it’s value—”