When Evil Serves The Purpose Of God


You may have read the title of this post and wondered if I have gone off the deep end. Well, I haven’t. The purpose of this post is not to try and soften my characterization of evil in any way. I am not trying to justify evil by showing how it can serve God’s purpose. Rather, I am simply after two legitimate points:

One is to show that a utopia is not God’s method of reigning on the earth as some new age doctrines might hold. The other is to show how complete the supremacy of Christ is. So much so that even the evil ones, though they hate the Kingdom of Light, serve Its purpose all the time.

The most obvious example of this is the crucifixion itself. It was clearly a product of the hatred the enemy had for our Lord. And yet it perfectly suited God’s plan and came about just as had been prophesied hundreds of years before. 

In a utopian society, governed by the reasoning of man, we might have seen the need for everything that was provided in the crucifixion, but would have had a much more sanitized way of achieving it. 

There would have been scientists strategizing the most efficient way to draw the blood necessary for the cleansing of sin and all would have been done in a lab with the least amount of fuss possible. Even the stripes necessary for our healing and the tree to bear our curse would have been provided for in a rational manner more to the taste of man. And all could have continued without the ugliness to mar anyone’s utopian state. 

But God did not choose to do things that way. Instead, he shattered our sanitized minds with the gruesomeness of the cross lest we forget the price of our sin and he made an open show of the powers of darkness in doing so. (See Colossians 2:14-15)

God’s purpose of the cross was manifold. It was to glorify the Father first and foremost. It was also to defeat the powers of darkness. And in doing so, He provided many things to those of us who will receive them. And we are in turn expected to glorify God and manifest the defeat of the enemy as we partake of these provisions.

See also the attacks we sustain by the enemy. Sure, if we react to them in a way not prescribed by scripture, there will be much lost and nothing gained. But if we endure these attacks and resist them by faith, and by the power of Christ, we will advance in the Kingdom and darkness will suffer a blow. 

Many designs by the enemy end up advancing God’s Kingdom on the earth. The key is for us to remain faithful and not shrink back.

 So let’s not downplay God’s design—His way of orchestrating and advancing His Kingdom. Though it is not our way, it is the best way. Though it looks messy, it is the way that works. It is the way our King reigns and gains dominion and territory. We are privileged to participate.

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