Valentine: A Reflection


Well, it’s this time of year once more,

A day with a lot of history and lore.

Of mister Valentine’s nocturnal weddings,

All in the face of potential beheading.

We can have light and airy romance,

But this day holds more than we see at a glance.

A man did stand and he did not bow,

To an evil ruler—we remember him, now.

He stood for that which God has ordained,

Though he knew he could in public be shamed.

He took those risks for what he believed,

For many betrothed, distress he reprieved.

For an edict had gone out, making weddings illegal,

Claudius the second was far less than regal.

All this to summon more men for his glory,

His army to swell, so goes the story.

But ruthless behavior can’t stop human nature,

That which was blessed by our very Creator.

People did attend to their nuptials the same,

All under the ministry of Valentine, they came.

Such an example this man left behind,

Of courage, and faith, of making up our mind,

To stand for that which God ordains,

The things which Scripture so clearly proclaims.

So as we herald this man and his deeds,

We can reflect on the strength of our creeds.

Will they stand the test of time?

Or will they crumble—when they become a crime?

It is a heavy business to ponder this thing,

But we live in times that these questions bring.

Only the Lord can make us to stand,

When times are fearful across the land.

So let’s turn to Him with all of our hearts,

Our prayers to offer, making new starts.

New starts in committing to that which is old,

The creeds which transcend the value of gold.

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