Republicrats—Who Runs Washington?


It could be confusing to the uninitiated person, perhaps returning from a long voyage to outer space, as to who runs Washington. When Obama was president, it was easy for Republicans to pretend pain over concessions. But they always claimed they were necessary since Obama would veto, if he didn’t get what he wanted. There were some things they sent to his desk, knowing he would veto them. Now we know those were just a show too.

The readiest example of this would obviously be Obama-Care repeal. So in matters of substance, they would give Obama and the democrats what they wanted. Sometimes to avoid government shut-downs or, simply to avoid media wrath. But when there were no risks involved, they sent bill after bill to the president’s desk to repeal Obama-Care, or other things they had promised to their constituents.

Now that Trump is president, you would think they had enough practice at repealing Obama-Care to deliver a bill to his desk on his first day in office. It hasn’t happened yet, though Trump has been in office for over a year now. Apparently those bills Obama got, and all the rhetoric accompanying them were publicity stunts.

Along those same lines, Republicans acted like their hands were tied when it came to budget deals when Obama was president. They weren’t tied. Congress has power in financial matters as a form of checks and balances.

Be that as it may, let’s talk about the current situation. Everyone is buzzing about the latest budget deal, and rightfully so. It is a deal that if, like I said, an uninitiated person looked at it, they would have a hard time discerning who is in power in Washington.

Sanctuary cities remain funded, and the bill prohibits the use of any funds for a concrete wall at the border. Trump wanted to expand School Choice Programs, and implement his proposal for boxed food instead of food stamps. Didn’t happen.

The CDC’s funding was increased, and they are once again allowed to study gun violence. The Freedom Caucus wanted to mandate nation-wide reciprocity for concealed-carry licenses in exchange for this, but this didn’t happen either.

Planned Parenthood remains funded. The EPA was proposed by Trump to be cut by 1/3. They remain funded at the same level as before. This is only a small list of concessions made by Republicans, and the only thing Trump is really claiming as a victory, is the increase to military spending. On the other side of the aisle, Schumer and Pelosi didn’t have a hard time thinking of things they were happy about in the bill.

So it remains puzzling, this complex Republicans in congress have. Some say it is simply establishment against Trump, and that there is very little difference between a Republican and a Democrat anymore. Some say Republicans have not eradicated their minority mentality. And where were Trump’s negotiating skills in all this?

Clearly many people dropped the ball here, but it has happened a time or two before since Trump is in office. It will probably take some time for Trump to establish himself as a relevant figure in Washington, and to figure out all the ways the game is played there. In the mean time, let’s pray for our nation and especially for Trump. There is corruption and manipulation on all levels and it will take a while for us to heal.




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